Our candidate screening method

Finding the right consultant require extra work. Selecting the right consultant is critical and require extra work. It can mean the difference between success and failure. Our diligence and dedication ensures the right consultant for your SAP project.

  1. Understanding the required skillset: SAP product suite is broad and consultants tend to have narrow areas of expertise. Compared to large software integrators, focused recruitment agencies like Benewo Consulting may be better positioned to find the experts skilled in newer SAP modules, the latest product releases or for industry-specific modules.
  2. Network: Our extensive search methods, our international partners and expert network enables us to find the required skilled consultant fast.
    Matching the skillset: We match the skillset after a careful screening based on expertise and experience, cross reference with different sources.
  3. Matching consulting experience: An experienced consultant is able to translate between business language and SAP terminology in such a way that everyone can understand. An inexperienced consultant will generally learn this on the job.
  4. Interviewing the technical skillset: We confirm the skillset through an interview. If the technical skillset is too narrow, we also involve our trusted consultants to interview the individual so we get an independent view on skillset.
  5. Good communication skills: Communication skills are crucial for any engagement. For our English speaking consultants, we search for good command of language both for technical, business and personal expressions.
  6. References: We contact the hiring manager two of the projects that the individual has worked recently or similar assignment to cross check the skillset.